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Skincare Rules

Skincare Rules to Always Follow When You Travel

Travelling is one of those times which can leave your skin to bear the stress of cold weather, alcohol and sugars. They are some of the best contributing factors which can cause skin damage in the longer run. One of the most damaging factors for your skin is to ensure that you have the right skin even when you are travelling.

Keep skin hydrated

Travelling can remove the hydration of your skin, and proper cleansing and hydration is the key to make sure skin manage the stress which is put in. You need to make sure that you are applying the right moisturisers and drink water to help keep your skin its healthy condition.



In an airplane, you are 10,000 times closer to the sun at a higher risk of a burn that you are on the ground. There are many studies which show that people with skin cancer are mostly people in the aviation industry like the pilots, flight attendants. You need to make sure that you shut your window shades which can control the exposure of the sun to your skin.

Face wipes

Face wipes is the best alternative for facial cleansers which is easier to carry. You can carry pre-moistened towelettes. This is not just good in the plan but also in the hotels. This is a carry and goes way to keep your skin safe and clean.

Carry a facial cleanser and moisturiser

When travelling, you do not need an anti-ageing cream, but there are two of the most important products which can allow you to keep the skin in balance. You can carry daily cleanser which will ensure that you have removed all the impurities which can help keep your makeup while travelling. There are many facial moisturisers which can replenish your skin and can create a barrier to the elements which will avoid any dehydration.

cleanser and moisturiser

Do not experiment

When you are travelling you not need to reinvent your skincare, stick to the things you know works on the skin as the dramatic changes can lead to your skin breaking out which will not turn out better for your skin. You can also talk to your dermatologist for better skincare.

In conclusion

Travelling is essential for your mind but not as much for your skin, and it is important that you give first priority to your skin, especially when getting into any windy or cold weather. Make sure that you are drinking a lot of water and keeping moisturising creams. You do not need a whole of creams, especially when you are travelling, which can be very frustrating, especially when you are travelling on a plane.