A South America cruise is the only way to open up this diverse continent.

Patagonia Cruises, allows you to experience the windswept, isolated archipelago of Tierra del Fuego – which both Argentina & Chile share – and its impressive mountain top and water side glaciers, sub-Antarctic forests and densely wooded labyrinth of narrow channels.

A voyage on the Amazon is considered to afford the best opportunity for combining a cruise on a major river with the chance to see unspoilt rainforest and its wildlife. Choose from departures in Peru, Brazil or Ecuador. Or why not cruise the protected Galapagos Islands, 730 miles off the coast of Ecuador, these are unique. Giant tortoises, iguanas, mockingbirds, flightless cormorants, finches and blue-footed boobies all let you get close up while in the water, miniature penguins, turtles and marine iguanas swim with you. The quality of your experience is easy to determine: the smaller your ship, the quieter your group – and the more you’ll see.

An Antarctica cruise is the ultimate once in a lifetime trip. The whales, penguins, elephant seals and sea lions amaze, the ice sculptures startle and the historic sites move most passengers – forced as they are to compare their ice-proofed vessels and cutting-edge gear with the sailing boats and loose mittens of the pioneers. The voyage from South America to Antarctica typically involves traversing the 500-mile wide Drake Passage, where the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern oceans converge.

Why Choose BFirst Travel?

BFirst Travel, a wholly owned Australian tour company, helloworld affiliate. For the past 15 years we have specialised exclusively in Latin America. We know a few parts of the world, and we know them well. Our been there, done that expertise elevates your experience beyond the ordinary, to the level of adventure with comfort! "Travel is all about the experience, which starts with your travel preparations”.

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